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  2. I subscribed to Digimarc about six months ago because I thought this system was the best thing since sliced bread. The reason was you would get reports where your photos were used on the web. For the first 3 momths I got 3 update reports then nothing for the past 3 months. When I enquired about this the reply was that basically their bot/spider checks websites randomly and only sites that allow bots/spiders, it doesn’t check sites where a password is required. So your in a lottery of billions of sites being checked with one bot/spider hoping that it finds a site with your photos. That said I do like the idea behind this system but I feel that the speed of checking websites needs a lot more development.

    • Thanks for this Alexander. We put your point to Digimarc, and here is their response:

      Our Search Service crawls random web pages looking for digitally watermarked images. If the HTML shows an image is included, the service attempts to download the image(s) to scan for a digital watermark. Worth noting, websites requiring a password (ie. Facebook), database-driven sites (ie. Picasa, Flickr, SmugMug, and many photo sharing sites), and Flash-based or Java-loaded galleries are not currently searched since they are not open for web spiders to crawl. However, the Digimarc Search Service is optimized for publicly accessible sites (including blogs) where the potential for fraud or commercial benefit from your images is greatest.

      To ensure you get the most out of your Digimarc for Images license, it is very important you digitally watermark all your images prior to posting online. The more images you digitally watermark, the more likely the Search Service will find them. While Digimarc Search Service constantly crawls the web locating tens of thousands of digitally watermarked photos and images each month the web world is huge and we may not have the ability to find every image that you post and normally it will take our web crawler 1 month to 6 months to locate your specific images in the entire web world. Our service is a web crawler, which means it crawls websites looking for digitally watermarked content. The images do not “phone home” so sometimes depending where your images are and how deep in a website it may take some time before were able to locate and report it. We do search continually and do the best possible job that we can as a web crawler at locating images in the web world. Also worth noting, our Search Service updates its web page database by checking frequently visited sites in search of new links.

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